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Open letter to Louis Black

18. december 2016

So, obviously you did not vote your conscience considering the title: “Time for all those who voted their conscience to claim their credit in Trump’s election?” And does the subtitle indicate that you did not feel pure and noble in your voting for Hillary Clinton?

Obviously, you say, every citizen has the right to vote for whoever they want. But it is obvious that you do not really mean that.

It’s a matter of facts, not feelings. It’s not about feeling pure and noble. You are misrepresenting people’s reasons for not voting or voting third party. It must take a lot in the face of Trump to not vote for Hillary. As someone who has spent the last six months writing about the election, you should be interested in those reasons instead of attacking them.

Voting the way you do your choice will always be the blue candidate. As a result, your candidate does not have to do or say anything to get your vote. Your candidate can do whatever he or she pleases because you will vote for them no matter what.

What kind of democracy would that leave us with? What kind of system are you advocating here?

You admit that you are voting lesser evil. There are evil words and there are evil deeds. When it comes to evil deeds, Clinton must be the winner having been actively involved in the attack on Libya, helping the coup in Honduras and voting for all the US wars she possibly could. So in the election of deeds you voted for the more evil. When it comes to words, perhaps Donald Trump is the winner. In this contest you voted lesser evil. In both cases you voted evil.

What if all those people who voted for blue evil this time instead had voted for some of the even lesser evil candidates in the running? You could also turn it around and blame all the people that voted blue or red evil for not voting for the even lesser green evil.

People who did not vote – or voted for other candidates – obviously did not vote for Trump. And according to you all the people who did not vote are to blame for making the election a simplistic contest of personalities. Even if they had not not voted yet. Donald Trump said a lot of simple things. He said a lot of outrageous and terrible things that the media amplified. But around 76 percent of the voters and non-voters did not agree with his words.

Hillary Clinton said nothing, had no ideas, had no achievements from a lifetime in politics to show for it. She does not respect democracy: It was revealed that she and the DNC rigged the primaries against her opponent, Bernie Sanders. She instead blamed it on “the Russians”. There is proof that they rigged the election and no proof that “the Russians” did it. Her strategy was to help Trump win his primaries to have a better chance for herself to win. I can understand why you don’t feel pure and noble voting for someone like that.

Back in 2008, Candidate Obama promised us everything under the sun: No more war. No more torture. Diplomacy, not bombs. Prosecute the Bush regime for its war crimes. Close the Guantanamo concentration camp. Reinstate rule of law and respect for human rights. Reinstate the civil rights lost to the Patriot Act. A world free of nuclear bombs. Hold Wall Street accountable. Support the unions. Green energy. Whatever you wanted to hear, he said it.

Here was finally a chance to vote for good, for progress and peace. But he did not make good on any of those promises.

He escalated the Bush drone war on innocent populations in the Middle East and Africa, killing thousands of innocent people. He destroyed Libya, more innocent people killed. He has sold double the amount of weapons to the world than Bush did. Obama put one trillion dollars into more and bigger nuclear arms. His Pentagon budgets are record-breaking. He has militarized the police and does nothing about police brutality. He keeps Gitmo open. He removed the remaining civil rights with his NDAA 2012.

He’s made some areas of political protest a felony. Not a single CEO or banker on Wall Street has been investigated. Obama sits on top of the biggest surveillance apparatus in the history of the world. He has taken the right to secretly kill any human being on the planet without due process.

Hillary did not have a problem with any of this. And apparently, neither do you.

Back then you voted with your conscience for the good Obama and got another Bush. You voted blue but got red instead. Same thing voting for green: Just like Hillary, Jill Stein now wants Obama to bomb Syria and start a war with Russia. Jill Stein now also pushes the official line about “the Russians” manipulating elections and saying bad things about Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote. Green is blue and blue is red.

How are you supposed to vote in a system like that, conscience or no conscience? But you blame people for refusing to take part in that game. How can you shame people for not wanting to support such a system? If you don’t want endless war there is no one to vote for.

You recycle all these cliches that politicians have to make hard decisions. Well, I think politicians like Hillary should try easy government instead.

The easy thing would be to not make up a phony excuse to attack Libya. It would be easier to not rip off the disaster-stricken Haitian population. It would be easy for armchair General Hillary to not sit in her bedroom and coordinate US support for the coup d’etat in Honduras, leading to civilian deaths and the persecution of citizens, human rights activists and journalists.

It would be easy to not take campaign money from nine of the top ten arms manufacturers in world. It would be easy for her and Bill to not take money from the oil and pipeline companies. It would be much easier to not do all of these corrupt deals through the Clinton Foundation than to do them. It would be easy to not have the war criminal Henry Kissinger as her idol.

You say the people who do not think or vote like you do not care about “immigrants, women, minorities, the working class, labor, the LGBT community, and academics.” So most of the population – and academics – don’t care about themselves, their lives, friends, families, fellow human beings?

As a newspaper man, do you really not know that “reactionary politics, deliberate destruction of the social safety net, the privileging of big money and big business over most Americans” has been going on for quite a while by now? Will it really be an entirely new thing under Trump that “parts of the population will be heavily discriminated against”?

The police are gunning down unarmed black people in the streets. Since 2001 there’s a separate justice system for Muslims. Obama has deported two and half million immigrants. He is currently bombing seven Muslim countries. He keeps the racist War on Drugs going. Protests against Wall Street crimes and destructive oil pipelines are met with teargas and water cannons. Obama puts journalists and whistle-blowers in jail.

The police state machinery that is now available to President Trump was put in place by your guys, the Democrats and the Republicans. Fascism and extreme capitalism is already here.

You want to dictate how people vote. People must not “privilege feelings over national interest.” Citizens may not criticize the official candidate out of context. You are turning citizens against citizens. Anyone who doesn’t vote for your candidate is a dissident. You are a radical if you don’t support corruption and war. We should blindly trust our leaders.

A two-party system is hardly a democracy to begin with but you want to make it a one-party system. You want to dictate.

I think the Trump era will suit you just fine, comrade.



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