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Obamas udenrigspolitik: Succes og fiasko

30. januar 2012

Af Glenn Greenwald. Oversat af Du er Journalist.

Målet helliger midlet.  Det synes at være Præsident Obamas arbejdstilgang, og i det lys vil vi se lidt på hans udenrigspolitiske sejre og nederlag. Når det kommer til at forfølge sine udenrigspolitiske mål, har han vist sig som en langt klogere og mere effektiv teknokratisk leder end sin forgænger.

Han har brugt diplomati og skjult sabotage til effektivt at isolere Iran, har gennem internationale alliancer væltet Libyens Muammar al-Qaddafi, beordret hensynsløse angreb for at svække al-Qaeda, har konsolideret sine beføjelser til at føre krig og til at tilbageholde og myrde (inkl. amerikanske statsborgere) uden Kongressens (eller retslig) indblanding, har styrket forbindelserne med vigtige allierede i Mellemøsten (herunder Israel), og har generelt været klogere og mere udspekuleret end George W. Bush,  i sin brug af amerikansk magt mod nationens erklærede fjender, og på vegne af sit lands allierede.

Men den skarpsindighed har været anvendt særdeles uklogt, i forhold til at nå de erklærede mål. Et centralt løfte fra Obamas – at forbedre Amerikas image ude verden – er blevet brudt, da den muslimske verden stadig ser landet som en negativ faktor i verden, hvis ikke mere end under Bush. Obamas urokkelige støtte til arabiske diktatorer, hans eftergivenhed og underkastelse til den israelske regering, og hans forkærlighed for vold, aggression, og nedslagtning af civile i den pågældende region er nok nogle af grundene. Krigen i Afghanistan, som han eskalerede, er stadig en katastrofe.

Alvorlige spændinger mellem USA og Pakistan – som selv Bush var klog nok til at undgå – er mere sprængfarlige end nogensinde før, og sammenbruddet i udsigterne til en israelsk-palæstinensisk fredsaftale, der nok må ses som hans værste udenrigspolitiske fiasko. Et resultat almindeligvis krediteret Obama, afslutningen af Irak-krigen, var faktisk forhandlet på plads af Bush og dermed tvunget på Obama, da han ikke formåede at overbevise irakerne om at lade amerikanske styrker blive i landet. Hvilket betyder, at han ikke kan tage æren for den “succes”.

Obama har behændigt og udspekuleret forfulgt sine skamfulde og uværdige udenrigspolitiske mål.


En del af Grading Obama’s Foreign Policy: Nine experts rate the president’s performance so far.

Læs også: Letters at 3AM – Obama’s Betrayal. Små spadestik til politistaten og diktaturet i USA.

Obama’s drabsliste og Terror Tirsdage

Obama indfører politistaten

Obama’s personal role in a journalist’s imprisonment

Government’s Request for Stay in NDAA Lawsuit Shows Smug Arrogance of Executive Power


By David Swanson. Flyer handed out at the DNC 2012.

Accomplishment Highlights.

President Obama keeps a list of “nominees” for murder and holds meetings on Tuesdays to pick the
 winners. We can ask him who got the nod yesterday. The list includes adults and children, men and
women, boys and girls, Americans and non‐Americans. See: New York Times, May 29, 2012.

President Obama has enlarged the U.S. military three years in a row, deployed it to more nations, engaged it in more secret wars, and invented a new form of warfare using drones. The drone wars are killing large numbers of people and creating vastly greater numbers of refugees. Their illegality is not a concern, following Obama’s war in Libya conducted despite the opposition of Congress, and the current U.S. role in a civil war in Syria unilaterally announced by the White House. These are on top of a war in Afghanistan that Obama tripled in size and intends to continue for two‐and‐a‐half more years before continuing at an unspecified smaller scale for 10 more years after that, despite 70 percent public opposition now.

In fact, legality has been removed from all discussion, as President Obama has publicly instructed the Attorney General of the United States not to prosecute any members of the Central Intelligence Agency for torture. President Obama, together with Congress, has “legalized” imprisonment without trial for Americans or non‐Americans (something Obama’s Justice Department is currently struggling to uphold in court), as well as rendition, and torture (now a policy choice rather than a crime).

The Obama administration has engaged in an unprecedented assault on whistleblowers, charging more than all previous administrations combined under the Espionage Act, creating a climate of secrecy and fear, torturing Bradley Manning, and maneuvering in an extensive effort to gain custody of Julian Assange and try or at least punish him for journalism.

This unprecedented militarism was the inevitable result of our failure to hold Bush and Cheney responsible for their crimes. It carries with it the inevitable trade‐off on the domestic side. Over half of federal discretionary spending (and rising) now goes to war preparation. Obama’s major complaint with the U.S. media is that, “He particularly believes that Democrats do not receive enough credit for their willingness to accept cuts in Medicare and Social Security” (New York Times, Aug. 7, 2012). The concentration of wealth in the hands of the few has advanced faster under Obama than under Bush. Corporate trade agreements have been created at a faster pace. The destruction of the earth’s atmosphere has continued at a faster pace.

The Horrible Romney Alternative.

OF COURSE you should not vote for Romney. But civil rights were not gained by avoiding the responsibilities of citizenship in order to pretend that every day is election day. Today is not election day. Today is an opportunity to communicate a message to the holder of an office that has been given unprecedented power (again, by allowing Bush to walk free). Women did not vote themselves the right to vote.

The labor movement was not built by the current strategy of funding a corporate political
party with working people’s hard‐earned pay. In that moment of voting, vote as you see fit. But censoring your criticism of your government, cheering as a spectator for one half of a corrupt government, treating government of the people as a spectator sport is working against what has always done the good you are intending to do here. We don’t need well‐meaning props in electoral commercials so much as we need activists, organizers, mobilizers, educators.

If we reject any cuts to our Social Security and Medicare, if we insist on an end to all the killing, we will move the culture of the country and with it all the 
politicians. That’s what’s worked for centuries. Avoiding ugly facts has never gotten us anywhere.”


From Obamobedience by David Swanson, The Smirking Chimp.

“So, who are you voting for?” an Obama follower asked me prior to the event. I was holding posters with 12 friends and handing out hundreds of flyers that looked like Obama material until you read them. (PDF).

The posters objected to the tripling of weapons sales to foreign dictators last year, Obama’s willingness to cut Social Security and Medicare, the kill list, imprisonment without trial, warrantless spying, corporate trade agreements, the continued so-called “Bush” tax cuts, the war on Afghanistan, the drone wars, the increased military budget, the murder of Tariq Aziz and of Abdulrahman al Awlaki, the weak auto efficiency standards in the news that day, the refusal to prosecute torturers, Obama’s sabotaging of agreements to counter global warming, etc.

“So, who are you going to vote for?”


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